Adjustment steps for can sealing machine


The actual state of domestic food canning and canning m […]

The actual state of domestic food canning and canning machine factories and beverage factories is a new generation of tinplate canning and canning machines designed and manufactured with reference to the most advanced similar products abroad. Because the structure of the machine head is simplified, adjustment and maintenance are particularly inconvenient. Individual employees can be skilled in operation after short-term training. The can sealing machine is especially an improved sealing curve cam, which makes the sealing quality significantly better than similar products. Only consumption can be frequency conversion. Speed ​​regulation, operation on touch screen; also features such as no tank without lid, lack of lid alarm, etc .; shape design of all stainless steel materials, easy can sealing machine, fully meet food hygiene requirements, and can be equipped with steam radiation installation and remote control system according to customer requirements , Is currently one of the most advanced equipment sealing machine equipment in China.

1. Motor power: 0.37Kw 380 / 220V 50Hz.
2. Consumption efficiency: 1200 bottles / hour.
3. Standard bottleneck: polyester plastic bottle, diameter 26mm.
4. Bottle diameter: Polyester plastic bottle with a diameter of 26-48mm. Special bottle types can be customized. Glass bottles are processed according to sample caps.
5. Application of bottle height: 160-320mm Special bottle shape can be customized, glass bottle is processed according to the bottle shape.
6. Direction of rotation: right-handed.
7. Specifications: 600 * 400 * 1470mm bracket positioning plate adjustment: Jog switch lowers the head to the bottom dead point. At this time, the lower end of the head should be kept at a distance of 3-5mm from the upper end of the bracket bracket positioning disk. Lift the head, put in the glass bottle, cover the cap, the head will actively fall, screw the cap, remove the bottle to check the tightness of the cap, if it is too loose, move the tray up; if it is too tight, move the tray down until it is tight As far as it is suitable, the can sealing machine is a mechanical structure, which uses imported parts in part, which is inconvenient to adjust. Can sealing machine China is the world's largest consumer of plastic machinery, but for many years the export value has always accounted for only 5% to 10% of the total sales value. This is very small compared with the export of plastic machinery countries such as Italy which accounts for about 50% of its total output value. Not quite. According to China's current consumption of plastic machinery and export strength, increasing exports should be one of the basic futures for us to further develop. We must make full use of the opportunities brought by China's accession to the WTO, strive to create conditions, increase exports, and expand the space for China's plastic machinery industry.