Advantages and use of automatic can sealing machine


Automatic can sealing machine is generally used in auto […]

Automatic can sealing machine is generally used in automated production lines, mass production lines. Because the model is converted from a drilling machine, the current domestic seaming machines are large and lightweight seaming machines. Because of the higher cost, higher output and high technology, it has been favored by large enterprises.
Automatic sealing machine all active nitrogen filling and milk powder important high cleanliness sealing machine, a new type of sealing machine design in the health care packaging industry. The machine enters and improves the preliminary design of five additional sealing and sealing machines in a single head sealing machine, which greatly improves the consumption rate.
Sealers are sealed for quality and mineralization activity. This machine fills the gap that there is no high-speed can sealing machine for domestic large cans of milk powder. The consumer requirements of large and medium-sized enterprises are completely satisfied, which is the highest in the world. The machine adopts mechatronics control, has complete enthusiasm, is active in the tank, full active smoking and nitrogen filling, and all activities are sealed without purification.
Electric, pneumatic, and other active changes SAP adopts foreign advanced parts as a whole, the degree of active change is high, and the task is solid and reliable.
The task parameters of the automatic can sealer can be easily designed and changed according to different wheel groove seals in the glass. A heavy-lock seam sealed can, the combined action of the first and second sealing rollers, makes the body flange and the can lid hook coincidently twist, seal pressure and lead to a strictly parallel five-layer tin joint. It is the condition of flanging and stacking and good hook groove cover hook body. The second sealing disc is the initial connection caused by the applied pressure and after sealing. The symmetrical bottom hair and the structure of two characters make the sealing quality of the big tank more stable. The system can be aspirated and does not require a steam box for the equipment, which increases the cost of the product and extends the shelf life of the can.