Application Analysis of Palletizing Robot


In theory, the palletizer is suitable for all packaging […]

In theory, the palletizer is suitable for all packaging specifications and can be achieved simply by replacing the mechanical gripper. The pure source packaging series palletizing machine adopts PLC+ touch screen control, and the goods are neatly palletized on the pallet according to a certain order and level.
Palletizing robots can be divided into high-level palletizing machines, robotic palletizing machines, and right-angle palletizing machines according to the difference of materials, each of which has relatively common application fields.
Robot palletizer: widely used in cartons, plastic boxes, bottles, bags, barrels, film bags and filling products, low-level into the box, with less space, large production capacity.
Right-angle palletizing machine: It is especially suitable for multi-variety, low-volume flexible operation with high stability.
High-position palletizing machine: It is suitable for large-scale chemical enterprises. The drawback is that the large space requirements of the aircraft are relatively high, and it is not suitable for small enterprises.
In the case of light materials and small production volume, it is economically desirable to use artificial palletizing. However, in the case of constant production, long-time manual palletizing often causes bending fatigue and repeated labor fatigue. . In recent years, the development of automatic palletizing robot technology has been very rapid. This development trend is compatible with the development trend of many varieties and small batches in the manufacturing field. The robot palletizer has flexible working ability and small footprint. The ability to simultaneously process the palletization of a variety of materials has become more and more popular among users and quickly occupied the palletizing market.