Brief Analysis of Various Applications of Sealing Machine


It is a steam-filled can filling and sealing unit indep […]

It is a steam-filled can filling and sealing unit independently developed on the basis of digestion and absorption of advanced beer can filling and sealing machines at home and abroad.
Filling and sealing are designed as a whole, and the filling system power is provided by the sealing system to ensure absolute synchronization and coordination of the two. Adopting the most advanced machinery, electrical appliances and pneumatic control technology in the world, using the principle of equal pressure filling, the filling speed is fast, the liquid level is stable after filling, the material loss is small, the sealing quality is good, the whole machine runs stably, and the shape Beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, frequency conversion speed regulation of production speed, etc. The remote control system can be configured according to customer requirements. It is the ideal equipment preferred by medium-sized beer and beverage factories. It can seal round tinplates, aluminum cans or plastic cans of various specifications, and has a vacuum pumping function. It is suitable for the production of canned fruits, canned beverages, plastic cans and other cans. The machine has stable operation, high vacuum extraction, The quality of the sealing is in accordance with the characteristics of the scale. The key components are processed by high-precision equipment, and the machining accuracy is improved to ensure the stability of the entire machine.
Selecting the right model: The model and series are determined by the product and plastic. Since there are many types of injection machines, it is necessary to accurately determine which injection molding machine or series of products should be produced at the beginning, such as general thermoplastics, bakelite materials, or PET materials. Color, two-color, multi-color, sandwich or mixed color, etc. In addition, some products require high stability, high precision, ultra-high rate of fire, high injection pressure, or rapid production conditions, and must also choose the appropriate series to produce. Put it down: Determine whether the inner diameter of the large column, die thickness, minimum die size, and die plate size of the machine are appropriate according to the die size to confirm whether the die can be put down.
The clamping force of the machine needs to be greater than the supporting force, and for safety reasons, the clamping force of the machine must generally be greater than 1.17 times the supporting force. At this point, the specifications of the clamping unit have been preliminarily determined, and the tonnage of the model is generally determined. Then, the following steps must be performed to confirm which screw diameter comparison of the injection unit meets the requirements. Its impact resistance and solubility are better than PA66, but its moisture absorption is also stronger. Because many quality characteristics of plastic parts are affected by hygroscopicity, it is necessary to fully consider this when using PA6 to design products. In order to improve the mechanical properties of PA6, various modifiers are often added.