Can sealing machine types and characteristics


1. Vacuum automatic can sealing machine Features: The s […]

1. Vacuum automatic can sealing machine
Features: The sealed can enters the sealing chamber of the can sealing machine, and the air in the can is evacuated by the pipe connected to the vacuum pump, and then sealed. The machine is closed when there is a tank with a lid, and it automatically stops when there is a tank without a lid. It automatically stops when it is overloaded. It cannot start and stop automatically when the vacuum is insufficient. The production capacity is 50 cans / minute. Applicable to shaped tanks with a maximum diagonal of 130 mm and a tank height of 22 ~ 96 mm. This can sealer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance operation, small size and light weight.

2. Fully automatic can sealing machine
Features: There are many types, such as single-head, double-head, four-head, six-head or more full-automatic can sealing machines. At present, foreign high-speed can sealing machines can seal cans of various sizes and cans, with a sealing capacity of up to 1200 cans / minute.

3.Semi-automatic can sealing machine
Features: Cap is manually capped, and the can is pressed tightly between the indenter of the can sealer and the bottom plate or lifting plate, and then the can is sealed. There are two types of crimping methods: ① the can itself rotates with the indenter; ② the can is fixed between the indenter and the bottom plate and cannot be rotated. The latter type is more suitable for sealing canned soups. Since the can body does not rotate, the net weight of the product due to the splashing of the soup inside the can due to centrifugal force can be avoided.