Cautions for use of can sealing machine


The canning machine not only saves labor on the packagi […]

The canning machine not only saves labor on the packaging of filling products, but also makes the packaging speed faster and more convenient. However, when you use the canning machine, you need to pay attention to the operation precautions of the canning machine. Understanding these precautions will allow you to use the can sealer more smoothly in your future work.
1. First check whether the power supply complies with national regulations, and then check the function of the main motor. The speed of the main motor of the seal is about 960r / min. When the gear seal clutch disk rotates a certain number of turns, it will automatically take off and pull the hanging pin. Out to complete the sealing action.
2. We need to detect the divider part, pressure tank and top tank part. See if the clutch electromagnetic chuck can be matched with the motor, and whether the sealing action will be performed after the indexing dial turns the product into place. The top-cylinder lifts the product that has been sealed to the top to prevent the product from being sealed a second time to affect its image.
Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned issues that need attention, we also need to make certain efforts to detect the clutch clutch cylinder and pusher cylinder. In addition, you need to pay attention to the tank conveyor. In the automatic working mode, the conveyor will continue to operate when no indexing product is detected. It is also necessary to avoid frequent friction between the indexing disc and the conveyor to avoid affecting performance.