Development status of automatic palletizing robot(1)


Domestic palletizing robots have been in development si […]

Domestic palletizing robots have been in development since the 1980s and have been around for 20 years. Since the 1960s, foreign palletizing robots have developed semi-automatic and fully automatic palletizing machines in industrially developed countries such as Italy, Germany, and Japan. Later, in terms of structure and model, they have been continuously improved. perfect. In recent years, the types, specifications, equipment performance and product quality of the palletizers produced in China have been greatly developed and improved, and in many aspects, they have gradually approached or reached the same type of palletizing robots in foreign countries. The technical performance and various parameters have been able to meet the needs of most beverage, food, daily chemical products, chemical products packaging. At present, the analysis of the development status of the domestic palletizer industry:
The production of automatic palletizing robots is large. At present, there are many large-scale production companies in China, including Zhangjiagang City Pure Source Machinery Co., Ltd. Its technology and equipment have the ability and conditions to manufacture state-of-the-art automatic palletizers. Together with the joint efforts of the control component suppliers, in the last few years, China will be able to manufacture palletizing equipment that is close to or reaches the international advanced level.
A number of professional palletizer development teams have been produced in China. At present, some domestic research, design and production enterprises have already adopted a group of technical teams specializing in scientific research, design and manufacture of palletizers. They have accumulated rich experience after nearly 20 years of research and development, exploration and production practice. Now it has the necessary conditions to design and develop a palletizer that meets national conditions and advanced levels.