Domestic palletizers have basically met the needs of domestic packaging manufacturers


Many domestic machinery and equipment manufacturers hav […]

Many domestic machinery and equipment manufacturers have been able to produce matching automatic palletizing robot control components. Since the 1980s, some domestic manufacturers have produced the control components needed for the palletizing machine, and have been used in production operations. At present, domestically produced components have a certain gap compared with the advanced level of the same type in foreign countries. The main drawback is that the use time is short. However, it is believed that through continuous efforts, it is still possible for domestically produced components to gradually approach or reach foreign levels. At present, some domestic automatic palletizing equipment manufacturing units, in order to improve the overall technical level of palletizing equipment, use some imported products for important components, sensitive components and main components of pneumatic system engineering of some control systems. One of the good transitional measures.
Compared with imported models, domestic palletizers have obvious price advantages. Compared with foreign products of the same type, the domestic automatic palletizers are only 1/2-1/3 of the price of new products of the same type abroad. Therefore, the selection of domestic palletizers is more economical and reasonable, and can save a lot of foreign exchange.
Spare parts for domestic palletizers are easy to purchase. The spare parts required for the purchase of domestic palletizers are unobstructed, easy to solve, and economical.
Domestic palletizer manufacturers have relatively timely after-sales service. At present, Zhangjiagang City Pure Source Machinery Co., Ltd., which produces palletizing machines in China, is more thoughtful and timely in terms of after-sales service. The general manufacturers have been able to actively assist users in the installation and commissioning work, and train technical operators for users. The source mechanical professional palletizing machine manufacturer has a complete set of stable after-sales technical team to ensure that the production unit uses the good palletizing machine production line.
Domestic palletizers have basically met the needs of domestic packaging manufacturers. At present, the palletizing machines produced by several domestic enterprises have initially formed a series of products in terms of models, specifications and major technical performances, which can basically meet the requirements of domestic large and medium-sized enterprises, and the structure of some palletizing robots. The design is relatively simple and practical, and the manufacturing quality is also high. From the perspective of mechanical properties and so on, it can also ensure the requirements of safe and normal stable operation. However, in the automatic polypropylene palletizer, most of the automatic palletizers are imported from abroad. There is still a certain dependence on foreign products. The emergence of this special situation is related to the automation level of China's chemical industry. It is believed that through our further efforts, according to the needs of production, the automation transformation and improvement of the control system can gradually approach the production level of automatic palletizers abroad.