Filling and sealing machine common faults and maintenance


The filling and sealing machine is very powerful, which […]

The filling and sealing machine is very powerful, which brings us great convenience. As its application range becomes larger and larger, it is inevitable that some faults will occur during use. Let us understand some fillings. The basic fault repair method of the sealing machine increases our common knowledge of science.
1. If the machine is not running, it may be caused by unreliable wiring or damage to the motor switch. It can be replaced by tightening the screws of each terminal.
2, the seal is not strong, mainly caused by low temperature, can be properly heated until it is sealed.
3. The cutting is not clean because the temperature is too high or too low and the slitting circle is skewed. The sealing can be thickened and the temperature can be adjusted appropriately.
4, does not heat up, the cause may be heating switch burnout, thermal power open circuit, electric heating tube burnout, temperature controller failure, the corresponding solution is to replace the switch, replace the cooked galvanic, replace the electric heating tube, replace or repair the temperature Controller.
I believe that with these maintenance methods, we can have a true and comprehensive understanding of the filling and sealing machine, and make our equipment operation more convenient and faster.