Maintenance points of the palletizer


Record and archive the maintenance and maintenance of t […]

Record and archive the maintenance and maintenance of the palletizer, and standardize and tabulate the contents of the technical maintenance project. Maintenance specifications for palletizing equipment refer to the technical requirements for mechanical technical maintenance. The specific contents and requirements of daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the equipment have been proposed at the time of shipment from any palletizing equipment. However, in the maintenance work, people often only perform qualitative maintenance, but do not completely carry out quantitative maintenance according to the maintenance project content and requirements. Even if it is done, there is no corresponding maintenance record. Therefore, we must prepare corresponding technical maintenance forms according to the contents and requirements of different maintenance items to facilitate maintenance and record, and also establish corresponding equipment files to provide reliable maintenance and judgment of the condition of the palletizer and maintenance. in accordance with.

Train operators and maintenance personnel to ensure that all maintenance work can be carried out according to procedures. The host operator of the palletizing robot should be trained and certified by strict special plane operation training. The construction, principle, performance, coordination of work and how to improve efficiency of the palletizing robot shall be formulated into a series of training plans for maintenance personnel and maintenance. Maintenance personnel to ensure that all operations and technical maintenance can be carried out according to the regulations.
Leaders and employees reached a consensus, overcoming the idea of ​​"repairing and supporting", putting technical maintenance into the important content of machine management, institutionalizing the technical maintenance of palletizing machines, and establishing corresponding supervision mechanisms. Make full use of time, coordinate the relationship between various departments, rationally deploy personnel, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and achieve clear rewards and punishments