Palletizer operation precautions


At present, the application of palletizers in various i […]

At present, the application of palletizers in various industries is becoming more and more extensive, and there are more and more problems to be paid attention to, especially those involving personal safety. The pre-installation, commissioning, formal operation and post-maintenance of palletizing equipment must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer to ensure the safety of the on-site environment, and also to prolong the service life of the palletizer and improve the working efficiency of the manufacturer.
1. On-site safety is not only the safety of the palletizing equipment, but also the safety of the operator. Before the palletizing machine starts working, it is necessary to carefully check the site environment, such as removing obstacles within the working range, and whether the safety guardrail is installed. Well, the device's power cord is connected with or without errors;
2. The palletizing machine body is composed of precision parts, so it should be avoided to collide with other items as much as possible to avoid damage to the parts;
3. In the case of daily operation, the fuel tank needs to be refueled every day to ensure the normal operation of the cylinder;
4. When the palletizing machine is working, the staff must not stand within the working range of the palletizing machine;
5. Regularly check the control system to ensure that there is no damage to each power line and signal line, to prevent short circuit problems due to line damage, and to record each time;
6. If there is any problem during the work of the palletizer, immediately turn off the emergency stop switch and disconnect the power cord. After the palletizer is completely stopped, the equipment is tested and repaired.