Several demanding application options for palletizing robotic equipment


For random pallets, palletizing robots are the only opt […]

For random pallets, palletizing robots are the only option. Despite this, robot loading is facing more problems, and it will be more difficult if you want to produce at a higher speed.
When the palletizing robot is used to build a random pallet, it will become the front section of the warehouse management system (WMS), working with the warehouse software to produce mixed pallets. Sophisticated software meets the need for ready-to-go pallets (after the product has been coded, some or all of the packaging labels must be facing outwards).
Robotic palletizing equipment is another option for demanding applications: palletizing in the freezer warehouse. In a frozen environment, automated random access palletizers are not the right choice, as most automated random access code routers use compressed air tubes that freeze in cold storage. Compared to automated palletizers, palletizing robots are more compact, which is especially important because the space in the refrigerated warehouse is very valuable.
An important question to consider when using a palletizing robot is how the robot grabs a product. The vacuum gripper is a common robotic arm end tool (EOAT). The advantage is that it is cheap, easy to operate, and can effectively load most of the load, not suitable for some specific applications. The clamshell gripper is mainly for soft packaging in which the contents are liquid, or packaging having an uneven surface. A bag-type gripper, a mixture of clamshell and fork-type grippers, whose fork portion wraps around the bottom and sides of the package.
Robot palletizer use details
The robot palletizer is a kind of handling machine that is widely used in modern logistics transportation. When using the palletizing robot, there are many details of the use of the palletizing robot. We need to pay attention to the details of the palletizing robot. Usage details:
1. When using a crane or forklift to carry palletizing robots, it is absolutely impossible to manually support the palletizing robot control box;
2. Never squat on the palletizing robot or under the palletizing robot that is lifted during handling;
3. Before the installation, please disconnect the controller power supply and the power supply. Set a "check and maintain" awake target card, lock or hang the meta power switch to prevent someone from accidentally turning on the power;
4. Before turning the palletizing robot, confirm the installation and other abnormalities to ensure safety, then turn on the motor power supply pull switch and adjust the palletizing robot to the appropriate attitude;
5. Do not accidentally approach the palletizing robot and external devices to avoid being caught by your fingers;
6. After the attitude adjustment is completed, disconnect the controller power supply and the power supply;
7. Set a "check and maintain" awake target card, lock the meta power switch, or hang the logo, and then start working.