Technical advantages of automatic palletizer


The automatic palletizer can be integrated into any pac […]

The automatic palletizer can be integrated into any packaging production line, providing intelligent, automated and integrated production sites. It can realize palletizing logistics for various operations in the beer, beverage and food industries. It is widely used in cartons, beverages and food. , pharmaceutical and chemical, beer, plastics, air conditioners, plastic boxes, bottles, bags, barrels, film bags and filling products. It is equipped with three-in-one filling line, etc., and palletizes various types of bottles and bags. The palletizer operation program is divided into automatic entry, transfer, distribution, stacking, stacking, lifting, feeding, stacking, and exiting.
1. The automatic palletizer adopts the touch screen operation to realize man-machine dialogue, which can display the production speed, the cause and location of the fault, and the degree of automation is high;
2. The equipment puts the products on the tray (wood) according to a certain arrangement code, carries on automatic stacking, can stack multiple layers, and then pushes out, so that the forklift can be transported to the warehouse for storage;
3. The automatic palletizing machine is an automatic complete set of equipment for automatically palletizing cartons, plastic boxes, barrel-shaped packaging materials and bag-shaped packaging materials according to certain rules and methods;
4. When the product is updated, just input new data, recalculate and run it, without hardware and equipment modification and setting;
5. The automatic palletizing machine can greatly reduce the heavy manual labor and improve work efficiency. Easy to store, handle and transport;
6. The site has high utilization rate and flexible application, and can handle different products of several production lines at the same time;
7. The automatic palletizer adopts PLC programmable sequence to control the sorting and stacking of the carton, the supply and discharge of the pallet can be programmed into the program;
8. The pallet library can automatically supply the pallet;
9. The type of 及 and the number of layers can be flexibly changed according to the various palletizing requirements of the site;
10. The adjustment of the stacking method of this series of palletizers is convenient and simple, and can be carried out on the touch screen, and the stacking is stable and efficient.