The difference between mechanical palletizer and palletizing robot


In the palletizing machine, it can be divided into two […]

In the palletizing machine, it can be divided into two types: a mechanical palletizing machine and a palletizing robot, and the mechanical palletizing machine can be further divided into a rotary palletizing machine and a gripping palletizing machine. The reason why it can effectively complete the palletizing task is mainly relying on its palletizing efficiency and its intelligence. If some requirements of the product are input into the palletizing system, the palletizing product can be carried out according to the input system.
We should do a good job of recording the situation of the robots in the usual time, so that we can understand the movements and conditions of the machinery in time, and pay attention to the following data when carrying out maintenance.
1. Make records and archives of maintenance and maintenance of palletizing machines, and standardize and tabulate the contents of technical maintenance. The maintenance specifications of palletizing equipment refer to the technical requirements for mechanical technical maintenance. Any palletizing equipment is delivered at the factory. At that time, the specific contents and requirements of the daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the equipment have been proposed, and maintenance on time can make the machine
2. We must prepare corresponding technical maintenance forms according to the contents and requirements of different maintenance items to facilitate maintenance and record, and also establish corresponding equipment files to provide a reliable basis for future maintenance and judgment of mechanical conditions and maintenance.
The general level palletizers keep the pallets on the floor during the loading process and are suitable for their system procedures at any height, even in the case of floor level. The high-grade palletizer is mainly to upgrade a pallet to a multi-level product. If the required number of layers of the pallet should be completed, it is lowered to the pallet conveyor and pushed into the pallet area.
Compared with the traditional palletizing method, the robot palletizer can realize the automation of the palletizing activity, making the palletizing more simple and adapting to different packaging fields. In addition, the size, shape, and material requirements of the package also make palletizing more complicated. But as long as you adapt to the requirements of the flexible model, or provide the appropriate final arm tooling, you can solve different packaging requirements.
Such a palletizing system simplifies the entire packaging process, so we have no reason to use it, which is also an important reason for the popularity of palletizers. And to know more about the knowledge of palletizing, it is also helpful for future production work.