The industrial application of the Automatic palletizer


In modern industry, automation in the production proces […]

In modern industry, automation in the production process has become a prominent theme. The automation level of all walks of life is getting higher and higher. Modern processing workshops are often equipped with robotic palletizers to improve students.
Productivity, complete the work that workers are difficult to accomplish or dangerous. The following is a detailed description of the industrial application of the automatic palletizer.
First, in the realization of stand-alone automation
All kinds of semi-automatic lathes have the functions of automatic tightening, feeding, cutting, retracting and loosening. The single manual still needs to be loaded and unloaded; the robot can be fully automated, and one person can take care of multiple machines. Currently, the code垛Manipulators have applied a lot in this aspect, such as the automatic cranking machine and the automatic lathe manipulator of Shanghai Diesel Engine Factory, the automatic circulating hydraulic imitation lathe manipulator of Dalian No. 2 Lathe Factory, and the Y38 hobbing manipulator of Shenyang No. 3 Machine Tool Plant, Qinghai The second machine tool mill's hobbing spline machine manipulators, etc.. Due to the successful experience in this aspect of use, some domestic machine tool factories have attached robots to these products, or provided conditions for users to install robots.
Second, the construction of automatic parts of rotating parts
Generally, palletizing robots are used to transfer parts between machine tools. There are many such production lines in China, such as the deep well pump bearing body processing automatic line (ring type) of Shenyang Yong Pump Factory, and the 4th and 5th motor processing automatic line (axis of Dalian Motor Factory). Class), automatic line of tooth blanks (disc type) of Shanghai Tractor Factory, etc. The automatic machine line for processing the combination of box parts, generally uses the accompanying jig to transfer the workpiece, and also uses the robot, such as the automatic line indexing robot for the gas cover processing of Shanghai Power Machinery Factory.
Third, casting, forging, welding heat treatment and other aspects of thermal processing
For die forging, the domestically produced 3t, 5t, 10t die forging hammers, which are equipped with the rotary hearth furnace, are arranged at a certain angle with two robots before the early furnace to realize the automation of feeding and discharging.