The missing of the core components of the palletizer: controller


As the "brain" of the palletizing robot, China's develo […]

As the "brain" of the palletizing robot, China's development in this area is also insufficient.
According to the report, the control system is a concentrated expression of the design concept of a palletizing robot manufacturer. Mature palletizer manufacturers generally develop controllers and servo systems themselves to ensure the stability and technical system of the palletizer. Therefore, the market share of the global control system is close to that of the palletizer.
As the degree of intelligence becomes higher and higher in the future, the differentiation between manufacturers of palletizers will become more and more significant. This differentiation is mainly reflected in the differences in control systems. With the gradual accumulation and progress of domestic manufacturers' technology, the gap between the current palletizer control system and foreign products is gradually narrowing. Domestic well-known palletizer manufacturers have independently developed their own control systems, and also produced a number of professional control system service providers such as Gutech, Yingweiteng, Kanop and so on.
With the continuous improvement of the degree of social intelligence in the future, the electronic intelligent controller industry will usher in multiple opportunities such as industrial upgrading and demand acceleration.