What advanced technologies are used in palletizer robots?


The palletizer has also evolved from a conventional mec […]

The palletizer has also evolved from a conventional mechanical palletizer to a palletizer robot, and the applications and effects obtained are ideal. Mainly because the working ability of the palletizing robot is obvious to all. It can be said that the palletizing and unpacking of different goods can be completed smoothly; and the use and maintenance of the equipment are relatively simple.
The palletizer robot is a device that realizes various functions by its own power and control ability. This control capability can effectively control the movement position, posture and trajectory of the device in the workspace, the sequence of operations and the time of action. How is this achieved?
It is still necessary to open some control systems, such as a modular hierarchical controller software system, which builds the software system on an open source-based real-time multitasking operating system. The openness of the software system is realized in a layered and modular design.
There is also a networked robot controller technology. Nowadays, the application engineering of a single robot workstation has been relatively small, and most of them are replaced by robot production lines. Therefore, the networking technology of the robot controller is particularly important.
Not only the above points, the fault diagnosis and safety maintenance technology adopted by the palletizing robot are technical means to ensure the safety of the equipment. Through the feedback of various information, the robot fault can be diagnosed and corresponding maintenance measures can be made to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.