What are the control techniques for palletizers?


At present, in the whole product production line, the a […]

At present, in the whole product production line, the application of palletizing machine has been recognized by customers and has formed a large market in China. The ability of palletizing is higher than that of ordinary mechanical palletizing and manpower. The structure is very simple, so the failure rate is low, easy to maintain and repair. The main components are few parts and fewer parts, so the maintenance cost is very low. What are the techniques for controlling the pallets?

What are the control techniques for palletizers:

The palletizer can be set in a narrow space for effective use. All controls can be operated on the control cabinet screen, and the operation is very simple. Moreover, the versatility is strong, and the palletizing and unpacking of different goods can be completed by replacing the gripper of the manipulator, which relatively reduces the purchase cost of the customer.

Secondly, the palletizer is a kind of machine that realizes various functions by its own power and control ability. The main task of industrial robot control technology is to control the movement position, posture and trajectory, operation sequence and action time of industrial robots in the work space.

Since the application engineering of the palletizer has been developed from a single robot workstation to a robot production line, the networking technology of the robot controller has become more and more important. Because of the serial port, fieldbus and Ethernet networking functions on the controller. As for the fault diagnosis and safety maintenance technology of the robot, it is a key technology to ensure the safety of the robot by diagnosing the robot fault and performing corresponding maintenance through various information.