What is the mechanical structure of the vacuum sealing machine?


The vacuum sealing machine can seal a variety of round […]

The vacuum sealing machine can seal a variety of round tinplate, aluminum cans, paper cans or plastic cans, enabling automatic canning and automatic canning. The machine has the characteristics of stable operation, large span of sealing range, easy operation and convenient adjustment. The key components are processed by high-precision equipment, the machining precision is improved, and the stability of the whole machine is ensured. It is an ideal choice for small-volume manufacturers.
Mechanical structure part:
Sealing roller drive principle:
1. One and two rollers are automatically sealed by two cam discs to realize one or two roller differentials when matched with the indenter.
2, with automatic cans and tanks.
Sealing wheel and sealing principle:
1. The sealing wheels of the machine are all precision machined with high-quality steel, and through heat treatment, the sealing wheel is wound accurately and has a long service life.
2, we can specialize in the special material of the roller (such as stainless steel, steel, etc.) for the customer's request.
3, the sealing wheel winding operation is slightly.