Conveying corner

Transmission lines

Equipment composition:

consists of magnetic curves, support legs, wear-resistant chain plates, anti-squeeze detection, multi-variable single pressure-free mechanism, stacked conveyor chain, water tray, lubrication system, safety device and automatic control device.


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Conveying corner

Product Details

Equipment Description:


The Conveyors line is mainly to complete the task of conveying materials. It is a bridge connecting various production equipments. The conveying route can be straight, curved and inclined. According to different conveying materials, flexible combination and setting can be carried out to achieve the transportation tasks of glass bottles, easy pullers, PE bottles, PET bottles and other products.



Technical Parameters:


Machine material Power Curved guide rail Linear chain plate Curved chain plate
The whole machine is mainly made of high quality SUS 304 stainless steel, thickness specification is 3mm, height is ≥160mm JLE motor geared motor, frequency converter: Mitsubishi inverter magnetic turning guide 1000 type modular mesh belt (Reggina), thickness 8.7mm without gap, reducing the problem of cans 1060 type (Reggina), width 85mm, thickness 8.7mm

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