High-speed depalletizer

Our High-speed depalletizers is mainly used for food and beverage cans, glass bottles depalletizing, automatic collection of cardboard, and automatic collection of pallets, and the operation simple and convenient.

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High-speed depalletizer

Product Details

Equipment composition: This machine is composed of full stack input device, lifting device, integral pusher device, cardboard suction device, empty pallet receiving device, empty can conveyor belt, manual platform device, safety device and automatic control device etc.


Equipment model Equipment size Working speed Automatic paper feeding Stacking Total power/voltage Size Equipment weight
YQ-XD800 L13000*W6700*H5000 850G/min 10 layers 380V/10kw L1400*W1100*H2500 10100KG
YQ-XD600 L11500*W6700*H5000 720G/min 10 layers 380V/10kw L1400*W1100*H2500 10000KG
YQ-XD600 L11500*W6700*H3500 720G/min / 10 layers 380V/10kw L1400*W1100*H2500 10000KG



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