Hot melt adhesive labeling machine

Equipment Description:

It is a kind of labeling machine. It is suitable for full-circle labeling of round, square, multi-ribular cans, etc. It can also be used for food and beverage, for labeling that is less than full or less than full body. Pesticide chemicals, paints, medicines, health care products and other industries.

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Hot melt adhesive labeling machine

Product Details

Features :

* Wide application range, suitable for a variety of bottle types;

* Fully automatic control system, integrated operation;

* The whole machine is mainly made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, and the main components are imported brands;

* The marking pattern is complete and not deformed; it is always meshed with mesh, uniform and saves hot melt adhesive;

* The overall labeling surface is smooth, the joint is not dislocated, no leakage, no open glue.


Equipment model Equipment size Working speed Total power/voltage Total weight
DFL-DB40 L2100*W1300*H1600 30-40BP/min 380V/3.6KW 900KG




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