Labeling machine

Device Description :
After the product that needs to be labeled in the production bottle is passed through the bottle into the bottle, the product is sent to the core unit of the sleeve labeling system. When the labeling electric eye senses that there is a bottle, the information is transmitted to the control center PLC and passed. In sequence, the PLC successively delivers the labeling, positioning, cutting, and marking. When the marking ends, the labeling process of one bottle is completed, and then the label finishing and shrinking unit is entered.

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Labeling machine

Product Details

Application range:

Shrink sleeve labeling machine is suitable for the labeling of various plastic bottles, glass bottles, PVC, PET, PS, iron cans and other containers for juice, beverage, dairy products, condiments, beer, daily chemicals and other products.

The bottle mouth or bottle can be selected according to the product requirements.


Equipment model Equipment size Working speed Total power/voltage Total weight
DFL-DB40 L2100*W1300*H1600 30-40BP/min  380V/3.6KW 900KG




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