Coating machine

*Applicable to bottomed and bottomless bundles for beer, beverages, juice, bottled water, dairy products, condiments, etc.;
*Unique film unwinding device and film constant tension conveying, film instantaneous cutting, automatic large film wrapping method, shrink packaging;
* Servo motor control system, pull the rod into the bottle, send the film, cut the film, wrap the package accurately, stable and reliable;
*The shrinking chamber adopts a unique hot air circulation structure, the mesh belt runs smoothly, the wear level is high, and the service life is long;
* This machine can add color film packaging system;
* The combination of centralized control system and man-machine interface improves the various control functions of the package.

Coating machine

Product Details

Equipment model Equipment size Working speed Conveying width Total power/voltage Air consumption Equipment weight
DFL-RJ35 L17685*W1530*H2500 30bags/min 610mm 380V 50Hz/48kw 120NL/min 4500KG
DFL-RJ30 L17685*W1530*H2500 25bags/min 610mm 380V 50Hz/45kw 120NL/min 4300KG



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