Packaging system


*Applicable to carton packaging of beer (beverage), bottled water, medicine, food and other bottle (can) products. Paper packaging is 1/5 less expensive than traditional packaging.

* The combination of centralized control system and man-machine interface improves the various control functions of the package and directly inputs and modifies and stores various package specifications.

* Flat cardboard is molded and wrapped once, the unique pressure box technology, the carton is firmly formed, the packaging effect is beautiful, the labor intensity of the operator is minimized, and the requirements for the paperboard are also the lowest.

* It adopts well-known hot melt glue machine, which is easy to operate, durable and beautiful after packaging.

Packaging system

Product Details

Equipment model Equipment size Working speed Hot melt adhesive curing time Air consumption Total power/voltage Equipment weight
YQ-ZX35 L5130*W2600*H1800 30bags/min 1.5-2s 600ml/min 380V 50Hz/7kw 2500KG



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