Packing machine


1. Low position, occupying less space, large production capacity;

2. PLC + touch screen control, fully automatic operation;

3. adapt to a variety of type and bottle type, easy to adjust, stable and reliable action;

4. Labor intensity, continuous , labor input is small;

5. Mainly using high quality SUS304 stainless steel, the whole machine is beautiful and generous.

Packing machine

Product Details

Equipment Description :

The carton machine is used to complete the transport package, and the packaged product is packed into the box in a certain arrangement and quantitatively, and the opening portion of the box is closed or sealed. Most of the automatic carton machines adopt a new combined structure, including functional units such as a boxing device, an arranging device, a filling device and a sealing device, and respectively perform corresponding functional actions, and each device is installed on the same main frame. Controlled by PLC+ touch screen. There is a bottle alarm stop, no bottle and no box safety device. It is greatly convenient to operate, manage, reduce production personnel and labor intensity, and is an indispensable equipment for automated scale production.

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