Automatic palletizer

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Automatic palletizer

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Equipment description:

The automatic palletizing machine is a high-tech product integrating machine and electricity. The medium and low-position palletizing machine can meet the production needs of medium and low output. According to the required grouping method and number of layers, various products such as bag, rubber block and box are placed on the pallet and then pushed out, which is convenient for forklift trucks to be stored in the warehouse. It is suitable for chemical industry, petroleum, coatings, greases, pigments, beverages, food and other businesses. The robot palletizer can be integrated into any production line to provide intelligent, robotic and networked production sites. It can realize palletizing logistics for various operations in the beer, beverage and food industries. It is widely used in cartons, plastic boxes and bottles. Classes, bags, drums, film bags and filling products. It is equipped with three-in-one filling line, etc., and palletizes various types of bottles and bags.


Power Air pressure Plate application range The height of stackins Speed

6 kg / per square centimeter  6KG/cm²

Within L:1600mmW:1600mm Within 1600mm 6layers of stacking/2-5mins

Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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