Robot palletizer

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Robot palletizer

Product Details

Structure and supporting equipment


Number Equipment Configuration instructions
1 Robot 4-axis, the maximum load capacity: 180KG, maximum reach radius: 3.15 m;
Position repeatability: ≤ 0.1 mm; degree of protection: IP67     
2 Robotic gripper The material is made of aviation grade memory aluminum plate, taking into account the weight and strength. The manipulator clamp is in the form of a bottom bracket and a holding clamp to prevent the oil in the box from falling out when the bottom is suspended. Clamping and pressing use FESTO cylinders and solenoid valves.
Product replacement is fast, adaptive, no adjustment.
3 Conveying system  
3-1 Grab conveyor It is used for the whole material to be grabbed. The drum and the frame are all made of stainless steel. The thickness of the frame is 3mm. The motor adopts German SEW, the sensor uses German P+F, and the pneumatic component Germany FESTO.
3-2 Belt separator The frame is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 3mm, the motor is made of German SEW, and the sensor uses German P+F.
3-3 Pallet supply machine It is used for distribution into pallets. The storage capacity of the pallets is 10-12 pieces. The motor adopts German SEW, the sensor uses German P+F, the pneumatic component Germany FESTO, and safety protection devices are installed around it.
3-4 Pallet transfer machine The frame is made of 6mm thick carbon steel for90° tray transfer and uses German SEW motor.
3-5 Tray and sputum conveyor The length is 1500mm, the frame is made of 6mm thick carbon steel, the diameter is 76MM roller, and the motor is German SEW.
4 Robot base The design is firm, safe and reliable; the material is made of carbon steel and the surface is painted and sprayed.
5 Guardrail The safety net is made of carbon steel column, 20*95 carbon steel mesh with a height of 2000mm.
The safety door is protected by unlocking and powering off.
6 Control system hardware Siemens PLC, touch screen, imported brand electrical components. The robot control cabinet and the system control cabinet are equipped with an emergency stop button. The emergency stop of the system can be performed by the robot controller teaching box or any emergency stop button on the system control cabinet.
7 Control system software Owing the following software, pre-installed at the factory, and stored on the disc;
System equipment control software: various hardware drivers and control programs, main programs of the system control cabinet, etc.
Production process control software: process control software running on the robot system, coordinating the operation of all hardware of the system, completing palletizing operations and transportation.
Software security: emergency stop, automatic mode stop, test mode stopped.
8 Operation interface Control panel: Programming unit on the control cabinet: portable teaching box with joystick and keyboard.
Color touch display
Chinese and English menu for option
9 Auxiliary equipment such as safety inspection, cable duct, air source components, etc.   Stainless steel cable grooves, P+F photoelectric safety inspection

Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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