Can Filling and Sealing Machine

This equipment, can filling and sealing machine, is suitable for three-piece cans, two-piece cans, plastic cans, tin lips, aluminum lips, etc. Widely used in the beverage and food fields, it is a can filling and sealing machine assembly developed independently on the basis of the domestic and foreign advanced machines, divided into Filler for Beverages Containing Gas and atmospherical pressure filling all-in-one machine of function beverage, vegetable protein drink. Filling system power is provided by the sealing system to keep in sync. We adopt the advanced technology, electrical appliances and pneumatic control technology adhering the principle of isobaric filling with high speed and low loss of liquid level stability after filling equipped with CIP cleaning device. With high-quality seal, stable operation, elegant appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, flexible control, accurate filling level, good sealing technology, high safety performance, simple and compact structure, and convenient changeover, replacement of a small number of accessories can seal different sizes of cans, and our machine is suitable for filling and sealing of cans containing gas in the beer and beverage industry. We can configure the remote control system according to customers' requirements. This machine will be the ideal one for large, medium and small beer and beverage factories.

Can Filling and Sealing Machine

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